How it works

Choose pre-made meals & snacks to nourish your children & families

Approved centres choose weekly from a selection of nutritionist designed, wholesome, pre-made meals and healthy snacks. Parents can order nourishing meals to pick up from their registered childcare centre.

We create and deliver to your Childcare Centre

Our professional chefs will prepare meals based on numbers you provide for each day. We also provide gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free and vegetarian meal options for children with special dietary requirements.

Children eat balanced, healthy food each day!

Rest assured the kids in your care are eating fresh and nutritionally balanced meals that are approved by our registered dietitian and meet the Government Guidelines. 

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Save time planning and prepping

The Healthy Cooking Company way

At the Healthy Cooking Company we pride ourselves in sourcing, preparing and delivering wholesome, natural, homemade food straight to your childcare centre. Our menus are designed by our Executive Chef and Dietitian to meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines and our fruit and vegetables are sourced from local suppliers. Our meals are based on a balanced, wholefood diet including healthy fats, whole grains and protein and are very low or free of refined sugar and no added salt, artificial colours or flavours.

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Promoting the importance of healthy eating

The Healthy Cooking Philosophy

The Healthy Cooking Company was established in 2013 to develop healthy eating habits to children attending Queensland childcare centres. We strongly believe that introducing nutritious meals at an early age will pave the road to a lifetime of healthy food choices. It is in their early years that children develop their tastes and attitudes about food and nutrition; hence, it is an essential time to educate and promote the importance of healthy eating. 

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Don't just take our word for it

What our happy customers say;

The frozen meals from The Healthy Cooking Company are wholesome and great for times when we're doing takeaways for ourselves. The meals taste wonderful and my son absolutely loves them. Right from the ordering process to the delivery, HCC are very professional and I am so impressed with them. They allow you to have your meals shipped to your centre and that makes everything so convenient. They also provide the cool bag to carry the box home. The thawing process is simple & quick, taking less than 2 minutes, and the end product is nutritious & delicious! I would highly recommend them and give them a big thumbs up. We always prefer their frozen meals to the packaged ones that you get of the shelves!

Shweta, Parent


The Chicken and Vegetable Pasta Bake is a Kindergarten favourite at our centre! The children absolutely love this and always ask for more. As we had lunch cooking, almost every parent that walked in complimented the smell as they walked past my office!

Tash, Schoolies Director


The Wholemeal Spaghetti Bolognaise is 100% a favourite for all the children at our centre.

Woodlands Early Education Centre


The Spinach & Fetta Rolls taste great. They are a crowd favourite and are easy to eat for all ages.

Bellbowrie Early Education Centre


We deliver delicious, wholesome food for healthy, happy children & families!

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